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Kim Barthel is an advanced NDT OT instructor who has had this frame of reference deeply influence and inform her practice across the past 30+ years. In this 80 minute clear and upbeat presentation she shares what NDT is to her and how it helps clinicians (PTs, OTs and SLPs) in understanding and supporting the biomechanics of movement. Given that Kim wrote the chapter on NDT in the textbook “Frames of Reference for Pediatric Occupational Therapy” (4th Edition, 2020), Nova Southeastern University (NSU Florida) originally invited her to give an overview to its doctoral OT students virtually; this is the edited version of that special discussion. This isn’t a full “introduction to NDT” which would take a few days, but it is a primer - which absolutely puts NDT into context for anyone who might be curious. From many years of reflection in using NDT principals in a plethora of environments and contexts in supporting clients with CP, ASD and ADHD, Kim discusses how the contributions of NDT fit into best practices of assessment and treatment today.

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