Relationship Matters

Relationship Matters is a transforming force, which helps shape positive change in an ever-changing world. A little company co-founded by Kim Barthel and Bob Spensley in Victoria, BC, Canada, and it is the business behind the work of Kim Barthel. It has been expanding to include Hilary LeRoy Gauthier and Eugene Hayduk, Marie McKenzie and other esteemed colleagues. A few ways that this organic organization touches and shapes the lives of people around the world are through supporting, teaching, mentoring, innovating, inspiring and sustaining people and organizations that support a lot of people.

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Your Instructors

Kim Barthel

Hi, I’m Kim – I’m humbled by your interest in what I’m up to, and inspired by the work that countless people are doing to support others – and yourselves. If this kind of thing were easy, it would be a different world we live in. Which tells me we need to nurture our relationships through attunement, compassion, humour, and mindfulness. Remember, when it works it’s treatment, and when it doesn’t it’s assessment. This means we aren’t expected to get it right the first time. I’ve been doing my best at this for over 35 years, and still learning and repairing every day. For anyone who doesn’t know what I especially like to study and teach, the hot topics that I wake up thinking about are understanding complex behaviour, neurobiology, sensory-processing, movement, trauma informed practice, attachment theory, mental health, and anything that will support people in being their best selves. Thank you for being part of the great momentum globally towards understanding, interdependence, and compassion. Please connect with our team at Relationship Matters if that’s an interest for you, and importantly, thank you for doing whatever it is that you do to help others. We may never know the fruit of the seeds we plant through our smallest gestures, but just by caring we are more connected than we know. I feel great hope.

CEO - Relationship Matters

Bob Spensley

Bob’s purpose as a natural connector is to bring people together for the greater good. As CEO and Co-founder of Relationship Matters, he helps create training programs and supports for professionals world-wide, in many different forms. This involves developing relationships with various partners, co-creating a multitude of contracts, strategizing resource materials, workshops and consultations, and navigating a diversity of inspiring projects. From 2001 to 2014, Bob was Co-founder and Principal of Sequoia Energy, initiating and developing responsible large-scale renewable energy projects (wind and run-of-river hydro) across North America. Bob’s greatest joy and focus was on understanding and helping to nurture healthy community dynamics and business partnerships in a new and meaningful industry. From 1992 to 2001, Bob worked in the field of education in the Canadian Arctic. He had many roles, from supporting Inuit teenagers from remote communities to helping to create and manage a range of learning programs at Nunavut Arctic College. He was at a time and place to witness extreme social change; he got to work alongside many respected elders, always aimed to promote empowering learning environments, and learned imminently more than he taught. Bob speaks four languages fairly fluently with enthusiasm, and then was humbled with Inuktitut, despite best efforts. Academically, Bob has Honour Degrees in History and Spanish Literature, a Certificate in Adult Education, an Honorary MBA (it’s a good story), is certified as a community development facilitator by the International Association for Public Participation, and continues to gain experience related to counselling and communication. His greatest strengths, as always, are the people around him.

Hilary LeRoy-Gauthier

Even at the very beginning of her career when she was first working in the field of Mental Health, Hilary always had a clear goal of becoming an Occupational Therapist. Her focus was naturally on how best to serve others with humility, integrity, and authenticity. Today, with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy, an MBA, a Certificate in Adult Education and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Leadership Studies, Hilary’s educational pursuits have led her to work serving others in the fields of Health, Business, and Education. Her work in the past 25 years as a clinician, manager, small business owner, facilitator, trainer, and leader have all allowed her to follow her clear passion and skill in serving others in their pursuit to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. Her most recent work in Adult Education across a diverse cultural group in the Northwest Territories has provided her with the opportunity to further grow her skills, knowledge, and expertise in the area of Business and Leadership. She is also certified in the EQ-i 2.0 tool, allowing her to weave together leadership, emotional intelligence, and personal growth. Hilary’s work with Relationship Matters is a perfect fit in bringing these diverse experiences together to continue her mission to serve others in their important work of becoming more of who they are.