About this Free Resource

The award-winning documentary "Tashi and the Monk” is a timeless source of inspiration. Illustrating life at the Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community in the remote Himalayas, this cinematic resource produced by Andrew Hinton and Johnny Burke has now been translated into 11 languages and continues to warm hearts around the world. Looking into its key scenes deeply, we see how we can all make big differences in peoples' lives, no matter where we are, by doing the smallest acts of love and compassion.

On June 9th/10th (depending on your time zone) 2022, Relationship Matters held a unique, live, free, 2-hour online workshop specifically designed to help spread the messages from TATM. “Decoding Tashi and the Monk” was led by Kim Barthel, a renowned occupational therapist, international speaker and mental health advocate from Canada. Using holistic clinical reasoning, Kim will provide analysis of what is happening and why the strategies demonstrated are worth sharing. In attendance was also be Lobsang Phuntsok and Vasudha Wanchoo (where it was very early in the morning for them in Jhamtse Gatsal).

For reference, here is the link to the 40 minute documentary: https://jhamtseinternational.org/tashi

Please contact [email protected] with any questions