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  • Ability to attend subsequent future Q&As on this topic for a small additional fee to continue to engage with Kim & Team
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  • 13 Total Hours (including Q&A).

    Autism Matters is a regularly-delivered series available for ongoing enrolment. Upon registration here, participants receive immediate access to the pre-recorded learning modules, handouts and resources. Access to this content expires in one year from the date that you purchase your registration.

    In addition to the immediately available pre-recorded content, this course includes one complimentary live on Zoom 60-minute Q&A session with Kim & the Relationship Matters Team. The event calendar date currently displayed reflects the date of the next upcoming Q&A session. You will be automatically assigned the next upcoming Q&A date for your complimentary session, based on the date of your registration.

    These Q&A sessions are scheduled to take place approximately every 6-8 months, with the recording of this session available for an additional year upon the date that it is made available. Course certificates are available upon request in the form provided in the course after the live Q&A session has taken place – live participation or viewing of the Q&A recording is required for your certificate (if this is an issue for you due to funding or other deadlines, please contact us here to discuss options). Registrants are encouraged to submit questions in advance and ask them live. Even if registrants are unable to make the Q&A date and time, they will still be able to see the Q&A’s recording. Upon completion of the pre-recorded lessons as well as their complimentary Q&A, registrants then meet the prerequisite of attending any future Q&A for a small fee ($30 CDN) should they wish to further engage with Kim & the team or have new questions on this topic.

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  • About this course

    Next Live Q&A Session - July 23, 2024 @ 6 pm Pacific. Pre-recorded course content available for 1 year from date of enrolment.

    This series, led and hosted by Kim Barthel, OTR, was arranged in consultation with individuals on the spectrum and support from the Relationship Matters Team. The content integrates cutting-edge research into the neurobiology of autism with intervention strategies that support people who live and work with individuals on the autism spectrum. Topics will include epigenetics, the immune system, sensory contributions, functional movement, complex behaviour and co-regulation, among others. Whether you are an educator, therapist, psychologist, physician, caregiver or keen parent, you will develop a deeper understanding of the brain-body science of ASD and develop evidence-informed and holistic support strategies across a wide range of environments and contexts.

    Zoom Q&A Date: July 23, 2024 - 6:00-7:00pm PST

    Pre-recorded course content available for 1 year from date of enrolment. Duration extensions available upon request.


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      Recorded Sessions

      • Part 1 - Epigenetics and Neurobiology

      • Part 2 - Gut-Brain Connection

      • Part 3a - Relational Interventions

      • Part 3b - Relational Interventions

      • Part 4 - Sensory Processing Challenges and Interventions

      • Part 4b - Extra Video Resource: Understanding How Autism Might be Experienced

      • Part 5 - Motor Challenges and Interventions

      • Part 6 - Putting the Pieces Together

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      Course Disclaimer

      • Autism Matters Disclaimer


    Kim Barthel

    Hi, I’m Kim – I’m humbled by your interest in what I’m up to, and inspired by the work that countless people are doing to support others – and yourselves. If this kind of thing were easy, it would be a different world we live in. Which tells me we need to nurture our relationships through attunement, compassion, humour, and mindfulness. Remember, when it works it’s treatment, and when it doesn’t it’s assessment. This means we aren’t expected to get it right the first time. I’ve been doing my best at this for over 35 years, and still learning and repairing every day. For anyone who doesn’t know what I especially like to study and teach, the hot topics that I wake up thinking about are understanding complex behaviour, neurobiology, sensory-processing, movement, trauma informed practice, attachment theory, mental health, and anything that will support people in being their best selves. Thank you for being part of the great momentum globally towards understanding, interdependence, and compassion. Please connect with our team at Relationship Matters if that’s an interest for you, and importantly, thank you for doing whatever it is that you do to help others. We may never know the fruit of the seeds we plant through our smallest gestures, but just by caring we are more connected than we know. I feel great hope.