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About this course

This brand-new series is being led and hosted by Kim Barthel, OTR, and is being arranged in consultation with individuals on the spectrum and support from the Relationship Matters Team. The content integrates cutting-edge research into the neurobiology of autism with intervention strategies that support people who live and work with individuals on the autism spectrum. Topics will include epigenetics, the immune system, sensory contributions, functional movement, complex behaviour and co-regulation, among others. Whether you are an educator, therapist, psychologist, physician, caregiver or keen parent, you will develop a deeper understanding of the brain-body science of ASD and develop evidence-informed and holistic support strategies across a wide range of environments and contexts.

Next Zoom Q&A Date: November 8, 4-6pm PST


Course curriculum

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    Recorded Sessions

    • Part 1 - Epigenetics and Neurobiology

    • Part 2 - Gut-Brain Connection

    • Part 3a - Relational Interventions

    • Part 3b - Relational Interventions

    • Part 4 - Sensory Processing Challenges and Interventions

    • Part 5 - Motor Challenges and Interventions

    • Part 6 - Putting the Pieces Together

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    • Autism Matters References Dec 15 2020

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